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EJ SHEYANG is founded by Chinese American fashion designer EJ SheYang Jin. Although Born in the United States, Jin was raised in China where she spent her childhood in a northern city. The designer moved back to the US to continue her high school education in Los Angeles. Having spent her childhood and adolescent years in different cultural environments, she developed a keen aesthetic and a unique angle of viewing the world.

Deciding on pursuing her dream and passion, Jin moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design to study fashion.

Eager to learn more about creative thinking, she went to London to study abroad at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in her third school year, where she discovered new definitions in fashion. With this experience she’s able to push the boundary of her way of designing forward.

After returning to New York in 2018, with a fresh mind she devoted her time to recreate textiles from abandoned garments. She believes in bringing new meanings to the already existing objects and giving them new lives. It earned her a nomination for CFDA semi-finalist.

Soon after, Jin took a design internship at Marc Jacobs to gain more professional experience. Throughout her four years of studying, Jin worked with multiple young rising designers such as 2017 LVMH Special Prize winner Kozaburo Akasaka, 2019 BOF China Prize winner Caroline Hu, and 2016 LVMH Prize nominee Feng Chen Wang, etc.

With her rigorous academic and profession backgrounds, Jin established her very own philosophy and believe not only toward to designing, but also consumer culture. She values the craftsmanship on every piece she designs. From little details as seam finishing to a garment’s silhouette, everything needs to meet her vision. She believes as a designer, making each piece timeless is her obligation. As the industry moving faster than ever, consumers are urged to change their wardrobes more frequently. She thinks it is time to slow down, and make more designs that could hold their places in the closet and be treasured by their owners for a very long time.

In 2019, Jin obtained her bachelor’s degree. In the same year, she made the decision of leaving New York, and moving to Tokyo, Japan. She sees the possibilities in the Fashion Industry in Japan, and ready to take on another challenge.

In 2021, Jin founded the label under her own name, EJ SHEYANG, in Japan.